Sunday, January 17, 2010

And the Winner is…

                                   Spelling Bee champs 058

I was working out of town this week, but my girl sent me a text to let me know that both she and her brother had won their respective spelling bees that day.  I was so excited, and so very sorry I had missed that.  Now they will compete against each other on January 27th.  And wouldn’t you know, I have to work.  I am desperately seeking substitute.  Is anyone available?


And in other happenings:


 Spelling Bee champs 004

Ethan is not the only member of our family that LOVES biscuits and gravy.

Spelling Bee champs 007 Spelling Bee champs 009

Over the Christmas break John and I took the kids to Des Moines to visit some friends.  We had a great time together catching up.  Our friend Brian is half-nude only because he was the only parent devoted enough to get into the pool with the kids.


And Gertie learns to swim.  Well, we’ll call it swimming.


Spelling Bee champs 016 Spelling Bee champs 012 Spelling Bee champs 017 I’m just throwing these in because I think they’re cute.

 Spelling Bee champs 038 Spelling Bee champs 041 Spelling Bee champs 033

And don’t you just love when big sisters spend a little quality time with their little sisters?

Spelling Bee champs 055 Gertie is all dressed up for church.  The sweater lasted on her body a total of 13 minutes.  Apparently, she doesn’t need to keep her torso warm.

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Judy said...

Cute Cute Cute...these are sweet little moments to treasure. So glad that you can capture them in pictures and share them on the blog. Love you all <><