Thursday, October 22, 2009

My long lost bloggers are starting to resurface. It is inspiring to me. I am trying again as well.

My little sister had her baby number 2 on the 21st. Her name is Amelia.As in Amelia Bedelia. Remember her?

I just got lost on Youtube viewing some good old Amelia Bedelia pairing the vegetables and drawing the drapes and dressing the turkey. I love it. This is going to be fun!

I am crazy in love with my kiddos these days. Grace is growing up so fast I just can't stand it. She's off to orchestra camp this weekend. Her legs are really getting long.

Ethan is reading up a storm. He loves those Alex Rider books. He's doing great in school, and he's been an all-around honest, hardworking boy as of late. Well, mostly. Yesterday morning I took him to school, and he was rambling on about some sort of poop joke or something as he got out of the car laughing. I knew I wasn't supposed to think it was funny (and I didn't), but I really did love it that he was so happy, even with his cheesy boy humor. I love that kid.

Gertrude has been doing so much better, really. She's getting nicer by the day. Except today, really. Today she was whiny and wanted to be carried all the time. She is three, you know. I don't think I should have to carry her around. And she seems to be very good at breaking dishes. Do you think this could be an inherited quality? I wouldn't have thought so, but I know I broke a few dishes in my day as well. I think we are on the third glass in two weeks or something.

Now I'm going to spend some time with my husband. I like that guy too.

I have to be up early for work tomorrow. Good night. Sleep tight.

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heather said...

Love the name Amelia!... that was actually one of the tops on my list. Except that I can't stand the way my husband says it. He enunciates it exaggeratedly or something... like Ameeeleeeeya. I love the name, but don't like it coming out of his mouth, so doesn't really work for my kids :)
Congrats to Beth!