Saturday, September 5, 2009

Boating on Portage Lake

Well, I've given much thought to how to do this. There are too many pictures, but I want to share so many of them with my family that I'm posting a ton. I didn't think the slideshow worked all that well, so I've spent a lot of time loading them up one by one. I've limited this set just to boating. There are many more to come of this week with family. I'm going to be brief. Just enjoy the pictures.

Verena, Gertie and my Dad on the boat.

My stepmom Judy and my Aunt Jean. Two good-looking chicks.

Ethan and Dad and Judy's new pup, Becky.

My Aunt Jean even got out on the tube with Grace. I insisted she wear that ridiculous life jacket. She thanked me later. Trust me.


I stole this one from Judy. Me and my little girl.

I think Chad looks like a true captain with his crew of boys.

Gertie and me again. She loved tubing.

This was Grace's favorite place on the boat. You could find her here.

Enjoying the ride.

No words necessary. (Except that is Hunter, for those that don't know.)

I just like back shots of cousins. What can I say?

Foxy lady.

Verena and Bethie. I miss them already.

Baby V. What will I do when she grows up?


Becky getting a little lovin'.

Gracie and Gertie.

Abandon ship!


When you pull three kids behind a pontoon boat, the kids quickly discover they've got a pretty stable ride. So they start on the tricks. Here they are:

Julie and John enjoying the sun.

Chad and Tate made it out for a bit too.

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